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Credit Union Officials and Staff

Board of Directors

Scott Ketchen, Chairman
Penny Pray, Vice-Chairman
Jeffrey Seguin, Treasurer/Secretary
Carol Malmsten, Director
David Maxwell, Director
Phil McSweeney, Director
Dale Rice, Director


Jeffrey Seguin, President/CEO
Terri Camick, Loan Supervisor
Lisa Adams, Teller Supervisor
Angela Frost, Asst. Teller Supervisor
Andrea Michaud, Collections Supervisor
Tammy Beland, Loan Officer
Darlene Polky, Account Specialist
Sarah Wellington, Account Specialist
Melissa Wight, Loan Clerk
Sara Caruso, Member Service Representative
Stacie Dwelle, Teller
Jasmine Smith, Teller II
Sandy Labreck, Part-time Member Service Representative
Roxanna Lutes, Part-time Teller

Supervisory Committee

Melissa MacDonald, Chairman
Dawn Brooks, Member
Jill Abbott, Member
Mark King, Member
Edward Johnston, Member